Product Display Panels PDP-5 / PDP-8 featuring:

  1. No complicated, difficult to navigate, and clumsy computer interface to frustrate your customers shopping experience.
  2. Virtual products can be studied and compared just like in your actual store showroom.
  3. 4K UHD Gallery Images & Product Data Sheets are available on all showroom computer devices.
  4. Learning about a product & price is simple. Touch the screen, scan a QR code, or if you want just type in a number.


Supported by a software suite including:

Showroom Navigator, Nexus, Passport, Kiosk, and Team.

  1. Product pricing can be adapted to the customer. Traditional discount and incentive options are built into the software.
  2. Credit financing is an integral option to Showroom Nexus and Kiosk software apps.
  3. Software is Android based with Apple iOS apps under development.

Showroom Software

Designed to create the Active Showroom

Builds and prices complicated product orders.

Provides inventory access status.

Pricing, discounts, and incentives are options built in.

Credit financing applications are automatically prepared for multiple credit resources.

Synced with the cloud, PDP computer devices and the stores internal network.

PDP devices can be remotely controlled, synced, and updated.

Consolidates Kiosk Apps, 4K Product Photo Galleries, and Catalog Specifications on a single display device.