Product Display Cube

Allows you to showoff 44 product groups using 4 sq.ft of Showroom floor space. It can go anywhere.

All Units Include:

44 Product Photos (w/Touch Screen)

Recessed Wheels (Easy to move)

19″ Samsung Touch Monitor

Showroom Navigator Software

Quick assembly with standard tools

Available in Maple, Cherry, or Black

Showroom Technologies

Introduces the Product Display Panel (PDP)

for a Virtual Brick and Mortar Showroom

A Brick & Mortar Store Solution for the 21st Century!

You decide how many panels to use.

This install used 11 panels

This display has 282 product images in multiple sizes and configurations.

Store area used: 265 sq. ft. – Build cost $15,000 (including shipping)

A traditional Brick and Mortar store outfitted with real product would require:

  1. Equivalent store display area of 23,000 sq. ft.
  2. Showroom stock investment of $2,60,000

Product Display Panels (PDP) seamlessly integrate with the internet and can fully operate independently.

  1. Product photos are coded to interact with your store website and to link with your store Point of Sale
  2. Product orders with multiple places can be quickly priced.
  3. Coded product photos can be referenced by multiple devices including the customers’ smart phones.
  4. New product updates can be automatically managed.

An Information Age Shopping Experience

  1. Familiar “Internet” multi-image presentation and in your showroom.
  2. Limitless product information access for customers.
  3. Answer the customers desire for a shelf shopping experience.
  4. It is a “frustration free” sales tool that is easy for store staff to use.
  5. Creates in your store an interactive environment for customers and staff.

Retail is Changing … Dramatically

In the millennial generation the experience leads before price.

Change your in-store experience with the multi-purpose PDP-5 or PDP-8

One side functions as a standard Product Display Panel.

The backside can be mounted on a small wall or support stand.

It can function as a partition between furniture groups or positioned against a wall.

A PDP can be two sided holding another complete set of Product Images or supporting a 60″ 4K UHD Monitor & Computer Station.

A PDP-5 is just 2″ deep and 5′ wide.

Or a PDP-8 is also just 2″ deep but 8′ wide.

A dual sided PDP-5 offers 10′ of display area which can support 30 to 960 Product Images. The typical setup is 20 products per panel.

Let’s do the math… In the real world 40 furniture product groups on display would need a showroom space of 4,000 to 5,000 sq. ft.

It’s all about Inventory Accessibility. If a customer does not see what they came in looking for, then they look for the door to shop elsewhere.